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What is the Diabetes Virtual Conversation Map® Program?

The Diabetes Virtual Conversation Map® Program, or Diabetes VCM Program, is a virtual tool to support an 8-week diabetes self-management education and support program for small groups of people with type 2 diabetes.

The Diabetes VCM Program will help your patients take a more active role in managing their diabetes and overall health.


The Diabetes Virtual Conversation Map® Program Features

  • An engaging virtual approach that is both highly visual and conversational
  • An experience that leverages the power of a small group and shared common experiences
  • A forum that allows patients time to ask and explore questions that are most important to them
  • An opportunity for patients to come to their own conclusions about what actions they are going to take to improve their health
  • It is foundational learning for all patients with type 2 diabetes, especially newly diagnosed or those that are not well managed
  • It is an ADA-approved curriculum with eight, 1-hour weekly sessions
  • It is a tool that can be delivered on the webinar/video conference tool of your choosing

A Trusted Brand

Healthy Interactions has been developing programs and tools to help people with chronic conditions like diabetes, and the healthcare educators who support them, for nearly two decades.

Our in-person US Diabetes Conversation Map® Program first rolled out in 2007. The methodology was adopted by tens of thousands of educators across the United States. The Virtual Conversation Map Program for people with type 2 diabetes delivers similar levels of engagement and results.

Our program is provide to improve patient satisfaction, support key quality metrics, and improve clinical results.



"As all in-person meetings were canceled due to COVID-19, Sun River invested in the use of the Virtual Conversation Map platform. We are finding that some patients prefer this method of education."

- Christine V.

"Love the interactive nature of the program"

- Customer

"Easy to follow along on the screen"

- Customer

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